Commercial Seat Repair

We Here at Ramirez Upholstery Has been repairing seat for many trucking companies for over 25 years. And doing so we are able to repair your seat and keep your cost down. We offer you a inexpensive way to repair your seat instead of purchasing a whole new one and we do for a small percentage of what a new one will cost you. Our facility is equipped with a welder and a plasma cuter to repair any seat, and our employees have the training and knowledge to repair any seat even if it just a air hose replacement.

Cab Sleepers

We are the premier location for you to get a overhead bunk bed installed to the cab of your diesel truck. We here at Ramirez Complete Upholstery custom fit your truck for the right Second bunk or if you want a foldable custom bed for when you want it out of the way and turned into a couch for more room in your cab. We are able to get your truck completed with in 2 business days . And we have the competive pricing we try to keep your cost down, we are able to install for a fraction of the price that a dealer would charge you. In matter of fact the dealers use us to install in the trucks they are selling.

Some Companies we do work for

  • Rush Peterbilt
  • Inland Kenworth
  • Select Trucks
  • La Freightliner
  • Just to name a few.

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Automotive Interior

Diesel Truck Installations

We Offer All sorts of Installations including:

Cab Flooring
Window installation
Cab paneling


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    We are a family owned and operated business servicing trucks for over 40 years. We offer efficient service and quality products so you can go out knowing you have reliability to back the service done on your cab. To schedule an appointment and get your custom sleeper cabs installed, call Ramirez Complete Upholstery today.